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i-Collect Fundraising

i-Collect Fundraising

About Project

Through i-Collect, fundraising for your school is made so much easier through the collection of good quality used clothing and textiles.

They make it simple:
They will pay your School per kilogram of clothing collected.
They supply prepared collection bags and tracking paperwork and drop off and collect the bags – so its 100% hassle-free for you. Each bag contains a pamphlet explaining the fund raising initiative.
Each person who chooses to collect items will be issued with a uniquely numbered collection bag – this is particularly useful to track the bags.
Each person fills the bag with any good quality clothes, shoes, linen, bags, leather goods, belts or toys that they are willing to donate or collect.
Notify them when the bags are ready and i-Collect will arrange for collection at the agreed collection site.
The bags are weighed on site and they provide you or a designated person in charge of the collection efforts with a signed off control sheet of the weight of all bags collected.
They pay the funds directly into your bank account.

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June 24, 2016