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At Safer Schools we are committed to making a difference in education by creating a safer environment for Learners & Educators.

We offer a range of free online risk management tools that can be used by any educational institution.

Our online services deliver;

  • Dynamic Checklists
  • Record Incidents
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Action Lists
  • Activity Reminders
  • Incomplete Task Reminders


We are passionate about connecting with the heartbeat of the education sector in South Africa. Our aim is to develop our community communication gateway that engages with over 4200 schools by supplying free services and value added suppliers.

Safer Schools started as a free online health and safety compliance management programme, designed to provide valuable information and tools to help make schools safer in SA with continuous opportunities to improve the health and safety of learners in Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary schools.

Not only is the Safer Schools solution completely free of charge, but it also looks at easy and fun ways to raise funds to further promote health and safety. Complete checklists, monthly reports, site inspections or make use of our convenient solution to keeping meeting minutes online.

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Instant Access

Immediate online admission to the Safer Schools website, with a dedicated page for each school.

Dynamic Checklists

Access to monthly operational checklists for monitoring fire prevention, first aid requirements and site inspection.

Activity Reminders

Scheduled reminders to ensure that all required Health & Safety tasks are carried out by the school on time.

Incomplete Task Reminders

Follow-up reminders to highlight incomplete Health & Safety tasks and flag the potential risk of non-compliance to the school.

Action List

Action item lists records all Health & Safety tasks which have been identified for action.

Meeting Minutes

Record, distribute, and track all your school’s meeting minutes online.

Record Incidents

Online incident reporting to ensure correct recording of procedures for all health and safety incidents.


Exception reporting provides consolidated status reports across a number of schools and/or user sites.

High Level Reporting

Built-in multi-level structures facilitates high-level oversight for effective compliance management.

Safer Internet South Africa

Safer Schools, in collaboration with the
Film and Publication Board are driving the initiative for a
Safer Internet in South Africa.
A digital literacy programme at heart, aiming to make a
difference in the lives of all South Africans.



No one can predict when an emergency will occur. To ensure the safety of learners, educators, staff and administrators, all schools should be prepared to respond to, and recover from an emergency. Most South African schools are relatively ill-prepared to deal with emergency situations.

More so now than ever before, schools are faced with the challenge of being prepared to deal with a plethora of crises, from medical emergencies to threats of violence, from severe weather to service delivery strikes, and from sexual abuse to kidnapping.

It is therefore important for schools not to work in isolation, but to establish relationships with law enforcement and fire department officials, medical practitioners and local municipalities, and to coordinate plans with these potential partners before a crisis occurs.

As part of the Safer Schools we have developed the Safer Schools initiative, intended to be universal to all schools. It is presented as a practical model to assist individual schools to evaluate emergency plans already in place and to develop new strategies and responses to facilitate a Safer School environment.

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