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We Can Help Your School Raise Funds

Looking for a new school fundraising idea? Wondering how you are going to get learners to actively take part in it? Safer Schools introduces the Safer Schools Fundraising initiative which provides you with creative ideas and tips on how to raise money for your school – the fun way.

Raising funds for your School is no longer going to be a painful and time consuming process…

Often we find that financial constraints at schools thwart key operational needs, resulting in health and safety taking a backseat to some other funding request. Health and safety in schools should not be voluntary due to budget constraints, it should instead be the underpinning factor on which our educational system is built. More and more it becomes increasingly evident the role that raising funds has on schools.
You need to put the FUN back into FUNdraising!


The Safer Schools Fundraising initiative will assist schools with campaigns that are driven to maximise parent participation in ways that do not interfere with school activities. We can help introduce your school to some great fund raising campaigns and ideas to ensure health and safety becomes its top priority. Find out how you can start raising funds for your school today by using one of our endorsed partners’ Fund raising services.

As part of our fundraising campaign, we have partnered with companies that can help you with recycle initiatives and that will pay your school for items that they can recycle from your collections!

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