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Childminding and Daycare

Childminding and Daycare

Childminding and Daycare

Childminding and Daycare

Before leaving your child in the care of others, you might want to think about:

  • If their needs are being met and respected.
  • If their cultural background is recognized.
  • Will they be happy there?
  • Does the atmosphere feel right?
  • Is there a stable group of children who attend, so that your child can make new friends?
  • Are mealtimes relaxed and fun?
  • Is the outside area safe, well planned, and spacious enough for everyone?
  • If there is a swimming pool, pond , or dam, that they are fenced off, the gates are locked,
    and there is always an Adult around to watch over the children in these areas?
  • Are there Pool nets or floating alarms in the water, and are they working?

Warning signs:

  1. Children can’t always tell or explain if something is wrong
  2. Look for signs or changes in their moods, behaviour, attitude, and physical appearance


  1. Address any concerns as quickly as possible
  2. Remove your child if need be.

What to say:

  1. Tell your child who will be looking after them, where they are going, for how long they
  2. will be there for, and who to speak to if they need help (teacher/supervisor)
  3. Ask what the daily activities are, and make sure that your child has
    the necessary items. (lunch, costume, arm bands, medication etc.)


  1. Look at references of particular childcare services
  2. Look for trained and experienced staff
  3. Look for busy and relaxed children
  4. Check how you will be informed of your child’s progress and how they will contact you in case of emergency

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