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On the Bus:

On the Bus:

Travelling to School

Have your children arrive at the bus stop at least five minutes before the bus is scheduled to pick them up. Make sure children know to stand on the sidewalk or on the grass while waiting for the bus.

Teach children to make sure they can see the bus driver, and that the bus driver can see them before crossing in front of the bus. The best way to teach your child is by showing them how to do it, and this means that you will need to do it with them – side by side, hand in hand (Show-tell-do). Tell them to never walk behind the bus, as this is just an accident waiting to happen. Busses and other larger vehicles do not always have clear visibility of what is directly behind them – especially when that “something” is a very small object.

Children must always make use of the Zebra crossing and scholar patrols (if they are available). Observe your child making use of the zebra crossing or scholar patrol crossing, and give them feedback on what you noticed. Your feedback will re-enforce the message of road safety.

Be aware that bullying often takes place on the school bus. Ask children about their bus – who they sit with, who they talk to, and what the other kids do. Let them know that if they see someone being bullied, or are bullied themselves, they can talk to you, the bus driver, or another trusted adult.

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