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Dangers Around The Home

Dangers Around The Home

Dangers Around The Home

Dangers around the home.

A home is a very special place. It is the place where children should feel safe and comfortable. Unfortunately this is not the case in many homes as the majority of children’s injuries occur in and around the child’s own home. The good news is that you as parents can protect toddlers and small children from harm.

Just use the following steps to make your home child safe.

  1. Spot the hazard. Go through your home room for room and identify hazards.
  2. Decide how to deal with the hazard.
  3. Remove the hazard.
  4. Guard the hazard.
  5. Last resort is to watch your child within grabbing distance
  6. Make the change. Do this as soon as possible / straight away.

Just remember it is no use having created a physical safe home with out applying safe behaviour and good habits.

Hazards change in the home according to the child’s age and development. Therefore you need to create a safe home for children looking at different risks at different age groups.

No pre- school child can take responsibility for his or her own safety. It is therefore the caregivers and parent’s responsibility to create an as safe as possible environment for children.

Children at the toddlers age are active explorative and unpredictable and it is important that parents should think carefully about specific safety in the home. Never depend on telling a toddler not to do something. The younger the child the more difficult it is for them.

It is advisable to crawl on your knees (level of a toddler), to see the hidden dangers in ones home. The world and environment has been designed for adults and unfortunately children are exposed to various dangers. Every parent should take the time to go trough the home from room to room and identify risks and danger spots that could be changed in order to create an as safe as possible environment.

It is however important to remember that “ childproofing your home is not a guarantee that no injuries will occur. It will however build in an extra form of protection, which may result in less, severe or fatal injuries, if they do occur.

These areas in your home need to be checked regularly:


Read the full article – which includes important items to check in each of these areas by visiting www.childsafe.org.za

Source: www.childsafe.org.za

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