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iPad Tech Smart – Guided Access

iPad Tech Smart – Guided Access

iPad Tech Smart – Guided Access


It seems like kids nowadays grasp technology way faster than we did at their age. They click here and type something there and before you know it R25 has been added to your iStore account. Not ideal – No, but an easy way to keep them busy when you need to run some errands or just want to find a minute or two for yourself.

But is your child safe on the Internet? What do they see when you are not there to supervise? What can you do to be a Safer Parent? Well, iPad has this nifty feature that restricts the user from leaving the app to go look at something different, whilst still giving them full access to the app contents. This is called Guided Access.

iPad Instructions
  1. Settings >> General >> Accessibility >> Guided AccessiPad Yellow
  2. Select a PIN code to unlock Guided Access once your child is done with the app.
  3. Go to the app you want to lock your child into and triple click on the Home button.
  4. Press Start.

To exit the app, simply triple click the Home button again, enter the PIN code selected earlier and Bam! The iPad is back to normal.

It’s as simple as that! Why not try it the next time you need a little bit of ‘me-time’?iPad Info

So next time, before you hand over your iPad to your child, remember that there are ways to keep them from seeing things they are not meant to see on the Internet – or even to keep your iStore costs down. Protect your child by becoming a tech savvy Safer Parent.

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