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New drugs trending in schools

New drugs trending in schools


In the last two weeks News24 has reported on two different drugs hitting separate areas in the country, yet targeting the same market – Our children!

With National Child protection week upon us it is essential that schools and parents are well informed, upfront, and honest about drugs currently on the market.

News24 reported on a drug dubbed the “Jelly Baby” and a homemade drug known as “Sizzurp” (also referred to as “Purple drank” or “Lean”).

Here’s what you need to know:


What is it?
It is a prescription cough syrup made with codeine. It’s mixed with common soft-drinks and sweets.

What does it do?
The codeine produces a feeling of excitement and it acts as a sedative, which creates an intense high. Children are left with an out of body experience after sipping it during the course of the day. This mixture has no scent and can be produced with products purchased over the counter.

Did you know?
– Codeine can cause seizures and it is addictive.
– The legal age for dispensing schedule 1 and 2 medications is 14 years old

Jelly Baby

What is it?
This drug resembles sweets and is amphetamine-based and includes crystal methamphetamine, which is extremely addictive. Just one dose of this toxic substance can be deadly on still-developing bodies.

What does it do?
Like other drugs it creates an intense high or feeling of euphoria. It will alter the user’s judgment and inhibition.

Did you know?
Drug dealers target children as they are seen as “easy’ targets.

Tips for drug prevention

  • Get to know your children
  • Lock up medication
  • Throw out old prescriptions
  • Don’t give your children a huge allowance
  • Ask for help if needed
  • Keep track of medication in the house

Let’s keep our children safe.

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