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Discipline: (Smacking)

Discipline: (Smacking)

Discipline: (Smacking)

Every parent gets upset with their child, and sometimes in the heat of the moment will smack them. This (smacking) is an outlet for the parents feelings rather than a way of helping with the child’s behaviour.

It is much safer and helpful to praise your child for good behaviour to get them to behave well, than to ignore bad behaviour without any form of discipline. Discipline can be in forms of punishment where things like their favourite toy or cell phone is taken away for the week in order to teach and make them understand the right from wrong.

Warning signs:

  1. A child who flinches
  2. Smacking a child with force when frustrated which in hindsight was unnecessary.
  3. Leaving bruising and other marks on a child.


If someone you know is hurting their child (knowingly or unknowingly) speak to them, offer practical help or try other alternatives. (report an incident)

What to say:

  1. Tell your child they have crossed the line or broken family rules.
  2. Tell them you are upset and disappointed in them, and send them to their rooms or naughty corner to think about what they just did.
  3. Use your tone of voice and facial expressions to help them understand they are wrong.
  4. It is very important to explain your reasons why, so that they can learn and understand the situation.


  1. Make a general rule not to smack your child.
  2. Reward good behaviour and ignore trivial bad behaviour.
  3. Use other ways of discipline (grounding, sent to bedroom or naughty corner, take something away they love) – don’t shout – but use a firm and sturdy voice to let them know they are wrong.

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