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Substance Misuse

Substance Misuse

Substance Misuse


There is a misconception that substance misuse refers to illegal drugs only. This is a very dangerous assumption to make as many of the other substances which are misused and abused, can be bought at your local grocery store or pharmacy.

Possible Warning signs:

  1. If your child seems very different to normal
  2. Suddenly has lots of money, clothes or games
  3. Constantly aggressive or in bad moods
  4. Mixed emotions and feelings.

Talking about drugs and alcohol is educational and can help your child understand better as to why people do these things. Not talking about drugs will not protect them and talking about them will not introduce your child to a new world of danger. (knowledge is key)
If you have any suspicion that your child may have been drinking or taking drugs , try talk to them when they are sober. They will better understand where you are coming from, and a fight will most likely not happen when the moment is not in heat.

What to say:
Use every chance you get to talk to your children about drugs and alcohol. Perhaps when something on the TV or radio comes up and the opportunity is best to engage.
Make sure you talk to your child before somebody else does.

Make sure as a parent you know as much as you can about drugs and alcohol and the effects of drugs and alcohol.

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