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Technology Nails Child Pornographer in SA

Technology Nails Child Pornographer in SA

Technology Nails Child Pornographer in SA

Technology helps nail child pornographer

Technology has presented us with plenty of opportunity and freedom to engage with those locally and abroad. However, it has also opened the doors for many users to share personal and inappropriate content. Content, which can be distasteful and damaging. This can have a lasting effect on our society, especially the most vulnerable members – our children.

As recently reported in the Sunday Independent newspaper, a Port Shepstone man pleaded guilty to charges of sexual assault. He is also charged with the possession and creation of child pornography.

Police found 1,000 copies of pornographic material in the South African man’s Uvongo home. These copies contained images of children and teenagers involved in sexual activities. He also made use of an App called ‘Giga Tribe’ to distribute child porn. Through the App they were able to get the IP addresses of users from 32 countries who were downloading the material.

The man was linked it to an international peadophile ring and was arrested in August by members of the SAPS. He also stands accused of sexually assaulting a 5-year-old KwaZulu-Natal boy. He was grooming him for pornographic material.

The man pleaded guilty on all counts and will be sentenced on 21 April.

Interpol provided the tip-off that lead to the arrest after Greek police arrested a man in 2013 on similar charges. They found that he used the ‘Giga Tribe’ App to distribute child porn.

Child pornography is a reality in South Africa and the spate of such news articles has proven that. As a parent you can become more involved in protecting your child.

Useful Hints

  • Be aware of your children’s whereabouts and ensure they have adequate parental supervision at all times.
  • Keep a close eye on your child’s cellphone and internet usage and who they’re communicating with.
  • Help your child to understand the dangers that lurk on the web. Talk openly to them about keeping personal info private and what could happen if this was to land in the hands of a predator.

 Let’s keep our children and their schooling safe.

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