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Our top picks for educational Apps

Our top picks for educational Apps

Our top picks for educational Apps


For parents and children dealing with the rollercoaster of emotions as the start of the holidays draw near, easing your children back into ‘learning mode’ when the holidays are over can be troublesome. “Back to school”: words that generate excitement, apprehension, relief. The transition from holidays to “Back to School” is made easy through excellent educational apps.

We’ve rounded up some of the best ‘back to school’ apps (available on iOs and Android) that blend serious learning with a sense of fun.

Endless Wordplay
Rhyming word puzzles and animated sequences that will have children and parents alike laughing. The app is structured into ‘lessons’ with a few included for free, and others buyable by parents in virtual packs.

Tynker is one of a clutch of admirable apps that aim to introduce children to programming. In this case, it happens over a series of coding lessons, as kids complete tasks by dragging and dropping blocks of code into place, and running the results to see what happens.

Toca Lab
Toca is a fun chemistry app for younger children introducing them to the idea of elements, and how they might change when heated up, cooled down, shaken, magnetised or mixed. Each element is represented by a cute character.

Hopster is a subscription service with a catalogue of cartoons and shows, many of which will be familiar from broadcast TV. With the app, they come paired with simple, accessible learning games including phonics, letter-tracing and creative tasks.

Safari Tale
Safari Tales has clear educational goals – “literacy skills through creative play”. Children explore the African savannah, playing mini-games and using a ‘word wheel’ to ask questions about what they see, practising their sentence construction. Their adventures are also turned into digital storybooks to share with you, encouraging more reading.

DragonBox Algebra 5+
DragonBox Algebra 5+ features 200 number-puzzles spread across 10 chapters, with a game structure making maths entertaining. It’s fun to use together, but easy enough to grasp that children can work through at their own pace too.

Cursive Writing Wizard
A handwriting app isn’t intended to replace the important physical pencil-practice that children need when learning to write. But it can be a very good complement to it, reinforcing what they’re learning about letter shapes and joined-up writing.

Like it or not, digital devices are here to stay. The good news is that more and more quality educational apps are emerging, allowing children to have fun while learning and keeping their minds engaged during holiday time.

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